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        According our observations there are two types of requirements for the creation of the commercial Internet sites. Therefore we present to your attention the following two variants. Please, choose which one is more suitable for you.

Variant 1 (static page):
- 1 main page with information about the company in Bulgarian and English
- inner pages with information about the offered products, services and prices
- photo-gallery
- contact information
Working environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Variant 2*(dynamic page):
Includes all mentioned in Variant 1, plus:
- administrator page giving the opportunity for self-dependent adding and editing of information about the product, services and prices
- search engine for the offered products, services and prices
- callback form
Working environment: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

*Variant 2 requires professional hosting with script language support, database and mail server support, which we offer.

        We offer also:

  • Domain name registration from the type www.yourcompany.com, www.yourcompany.net or www.yourcompany.org for one year - 25 BGN.
  • Domain name registration from the type www.yourcompany.bg - 50 USD installation + 50 USD/year (according the pricelist of Register.bg ).
  • Hosting on our servers 100 MB disk space, 750 MB monthly bandwidth, 100 mailboxes
  • Hosting on our servers 200 MB disk space, 1500 MB monthly bandwidth, 200 mailboxes
  • Hosting on our servers 400 MB disk space, 3000 MB monthly bandwidth, 300 mailboxes
home   about us   projects   services   contacts
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